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Item # Name Price
BOO-124 Five Years, Four Fronts by Grossjohann $20.00
BOO-127 The Iron Cross by Williamson $40.00
BOO-128 Soldat by Knappe $15.00
BOO-131 Chain Dogs Volume I- by Witter $12.00
BOO-132 Chain Dogs Volume II- by Witter $12.00
BOO-133 Axis Aircraft of WWII- by Mondey $12.00
BOO-134 Prinz Eugen- by Otto Kumm $40.00
BOO-135 In the Service of the Reich- by Angolia $55.00
BOO-136 Belt Buckles & Brocades- by Angolia $90.00
BOO-137 Hitler Youth - by Lewis $15.00
BOO-138 The SS Hitlers Instrument of Terror- by Williamson $22.00
BOO-139 The Devils Birthday by Powell $13.00
BOO-141 Uniforms & Traditions of the German Army- Vol. 2 $175.00
BOO-149 Medals and Badges of the Third Reich by Littlejohn $90.00
BOO-200 The Patriotic Traitors by Littlejohn $35.00
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