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Eickhorn Control Tag

This is a cardboard control tag marked for Carl Eickhorn Solingen and has the Eickhorn squirrel in the center of the logo. It has a metal eyelet at the top. This control tag would be great to display with any of your Eickhorn blades. It is in mint condition.
Please email me for the shipping cost.

Shipping Weight: 0.3 lb
Price: $27.00 USD

Early SA Dagger Hanger

I had a handful of these early nickel silver SA dagger hangers, but this is the last of the lot. It has been used and the leather shows wear. There is cracking to the top dyed surface, but the leather underneath is very supple and intact. It is missing the small leather loop that goes below the nickle silver clip. There is a RZM mark on the back. It is M5c/93. The original price has been lowered, since you are not getting the pick of the litter.
Please email me for the shipping cost.

Shipping Weight: 0.4 lb
Price: $50.00 USD

Simichrome Polish

Need something to clean and polish that blade? Well, here is the best. Semichrome not only cleans and shines, but it leaves behind a protective film. So protect your investments. Semichrome is recommended by many of the top edged weapon collectors and dealers in the hobby. Made in Germany. Each tube contains 1.76 ounces.
Please email me for the shipping cost.

Shipping Weight: 0.45 lb
Price: $8.50 USD

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