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Spotter Cards

Also called "Spotter Decks," these cards were originally produced during WWII. They helped military troops and civilians alike, to tell the difference between friendly and and unfriendly aircraft. In WWII, being able to recognize the difference between allied and axis aircraft meant the difference between living and dying. Also, you would not be very popular if you blew a friendly aircraft out of the sky. These are REPRODUCTIONS of the originals. This is the only time that United States Playing Cards, the original producer of the WWII "Spotter Decks," has reprinted these cards since its first printing in 1942. Grab a pack while they last. They will provide an interesting topic of conversation at your next poker game.
Please email me for the shipping cost.

Shipping Weight: 0.66 lb
Price: $6.00 USD  10 Available

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